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During the Congress, we will be broadcasting Live Games from the top three boards in the FIDE Open each round.

The Live Games from the 2018 Congress menu will offer two options: either the game board within the site template, or game board without template, i.e. on a plain screen full-width. We currently have a test transmission in place using games from New York 1927 as our test vehicle (just a few moves from each of three games). Select the 2018 Congress from the left menu bar, then select again and choose either 'Live Games' or 'Live Games no template'. Or use the links below!

When you get to the game board, you can navigate between games by clicking on the title bar, or by using the navigation buttons below the board. You can even flip the board!

This feature uses the new LiveChess software from DGT, broadcast through DGT's LiveChess Cloud. However, it is browser sensitive: DGT have tested it with Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox, but it doesn't work so well with IE11.

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In just two short days since the previous posting entries have increased by 16 and counting.

Our Entrants page sorts entries by section and grade/rating. It also shows the rounds for half point byes if requested. Make sure your entry is shown correctly. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in case of any errors.

Southend 2018 page | 2018 Entrants page

Entries pass 50

Just two weeks away, the 2018 Southend Congress (30 March-2 April) is filling up fast! Entries have now passed the 50 mark.

All sections are 7 rounds and entrants can take up to two half point byes before the last round. Plenty of flexibility to suit everyone! Head to the 2018 Congress page for full details and online entry. There is also a link below to the current entrants page.

Southend 2018 page | 2018 Entrants

62nd Southend Chess Congress

30 March - 2 April, 2018
At Southend Adult Community College, Ambleside Drive Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 2UN

Generously supported by the Essex Chess Association

The Southend Easter Chess Congress is taking place from Friday 30 March to Monday 2nd April 2018.

For full details and online entry head straight to the 2018 Congress page

Southend 2017: Prizewinners

:: FOR YOUR DIARY - we can confirm that Southend Easter Congress 2018 will be held from Fri 30th March to Monday 2 April 2018 ::

Southend 2017 FIDE Open

1st GM Timur Gareyev 6½/7 £800.00

=2nd CM Rob Willmoth and IM Alan Merry, 5½/7 and £350.00 each

U2050 Rating Prize to Omowale Nelson (2046, JAM) with 4/7 winning £50.00

U1800 Rating Prize shared by Aravamudhan Balaji, Mohammed Islam and Jacob Watson with 3½/7 and £17.00 each

Here is the last round game in the Open, Gareyev-Hebden:

Leigh on Sea U170

1st Philip Neatherway 5½/7 and £150.00

2nd Jason Covey 5/7 and £75.00

3rd Edwin Kalerwa 4/7 and £40.00

Westcliff U145

1st David Gilbert 5/7 and £150.00

=2nd Richard Desmedt and Viktor Jamroz 4½/7 and £57.50 each

Southchurch U120

1st Tarsem Dhillon 7/7 and £150.00

2nd Stephen Simpson 5/7 and £75.00

3rd Adam Jorna 4.5/7 and £40.00

Thorpe Bay U95

=1st Purba Audhora and Urbi Modhura 5½/7 and £112.50 each

=3rd Nina Pert, Jeremy Burrows and Levi Weston 4½/7 sharing £40.00

Thanks to the players, to YElena for the food, Ian for the live boards, Norman for patience and washing up, John for liaising with the excellent venue, Michael for his arbiting and wise counsel, Kevin and his team of caretakers for looking after us, and Gavin - I think.

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Website features

You can find these features on the 2018 Congress menu, or simply click the links below!

Linked features are available now. Non-linked features will be available in due course.

We have access to a small number of sensory boards and plan to broadcast the top three games in the FIDE Open each round. Currently we are showing a test page from New York 1927. This new DGT LiveChess Cloud format is best viewed with Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox, but it doesn't work so well with IE11.

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