Southend 2017: Prizewinners

:: FOR YOUR DIARY - we can confirm that Southend Easter Congress 2018 will be held from Fri 30th March to Monday 2 April 2018 ::

Southend 2017 FIDE Open

1st GM Timur Gareyev 6½/7 £800.00

=2nd CM Rob Willmoth and IM Alan Merry, 5½/7 and £350.00 each

U2050 Rating Prize to Omowale Nelson (2046, JAM) with 4/7 winning £50.00

U1800 Rating Prize shared by Aravamudhan Balaji, Mohammed Islam and Jacob Watson with 3½/7 and £17.00 each

Here is the last round game in the Open, Gareyev-Hebden:

Leigh on Sea U170

1st Philip Neatherway 5½/7 and £150.00

2nd Jason Covey 5/7 and £75.00

3rd Edwin Kalerwa 4/7 and £40.00

Westcliff U145

1st David Gilbert 5/7 and £150.00

=2nd Richard Desmedt and Viktor Jamroz 4½/7 and £57.50 each

Southchurch U120

1st Tarsem Dhillon 7/7 and £150.00

2nd Stephen Simpson 5/7 and £75.00

3rd Adam Jorna 4.5/7 and £40.00

Thorpe Bay U95

=1st Purba Audhora and Urbi Modhura 5½/7 and £112.50 each

=3rd Nina Pert, Jeremy Burrows and Levi Weston 4½/7 sharing £40.00

Thanks to the players, to YElena for the food, Ian for the live boards, Norman for patience and washing up, John for liaising with the excellent venue, Michael for his arbiting and wise counsel, Kevin and his team of caretakers for looking after us, and Gavin - I think.