Going Live!

During the Congress, we will be broadcasting Live Games from the top three boards in the FIDE Open each round.

The Live Games from the 2018 Congress menu will offer two options: either the game board within the site template, or game board without template, i.e. on a plain screen full-width. Select the 2018 Congress from the left menu bar, then select again and choose either 'Live Games' or 'Live Games no template'. Or use the links below! Games begin daily at 11.00 am and 4.00 pm Fri-Sun and 11.00 am on Monday.

When you get to the game board, you can navigate between games by clicking on the title bar, or by using the navigation buttons below the board. You can even flip the board!

This feature uses the new LiveChess software from DGT, broadcast through DGT's LiveChess Cloud. However, it is browser sensitive: DGT have tested it with Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. It also works well with Opera. However, it doesn't work so well with IE11, which is being phased out anyway.

Live Games | Live Games no template



Quick links

You can find these features on the 2018 Congress menu, or simply click the links below!

Linked features are available now. Non-linked features will be available in due course.

We have access to a small number of sensory boards and are broadcasting the top three games in the FIDE Open each round. This new DGT LiveChess Cloud format is best viewed with Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera, but it doesn't work so well with IE11. To select the games for each round, click on one of the above links, then click on the header above the board view.

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