Ton up!

Entries have now sailed past the ton, with the Open also hitting a half century. A little way to go to match 138 in the previous two years, but perhaps we will get close.

The U170 section is the least well-supported, with, as we write, just four takers. This looks odds on to get merged with the Open, but we shall see how things look in the morning.

We have now added the Pairings & Results page, ready for the morning's Kick Off. The Quick Links menu in the right side bar is the easiest way to keep up with the action over the weekend.



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We have access to a small number of sensory boards and are broadcasting the top three games in the FIDE Open each round. This new DGT LiveChess Cloud format is best viewed with Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera, but it doesn't work so well with IE11. To select the games for each round, click on one of the above links, then click on the header above the board view.

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