Final entry 111

The final entry in this year's Congress is 111 - in cricketing circles this number is known as Nelson: "one eye, one arm, one aim". This is a reduction on the 123 of each of the last two years and is put down to a clash with the Jersey Congress with a number of Southend "regulars" playing in there. Jersey does not normally conflict with Southend and if they take a liking for holding their event at Easter in future years, this could have serious implications for Southend.

The first day's experience with the Live Games boards went well with DGT's new version of the controlling software, LiveChess 2. The system lived up to DGT's claims of an improved interface and easier publication. The new publishing environment, LiveChess Cloud was certainly easy to use and the screen display has been received with popular acclaim. One advantage is that all completed rounds of an event remain available in addition to the current round, which was not the case with LiveChess 1, unless the webmaster provided downloadable pgn files for the earlier games. To access previous rounds, go to the Quick Links panel in the right sidebar and click on one of the Live Games links, then click on the header above the game board and select the round number. This panel also gives an alternative way of selecting the game to view, in addition to the navigation buttons below the board.



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We have access to a small number of sensory boards and are broadcasting the top three games in the FIDE Open each round. This new DGT LiveChess Cloud format is best viewed with Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera, but it doesn't work so well with IE11. To select the games for each round, click on one of the above links, then click on the header above the board view.

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